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Fendi Sunglasses - All That You Need To Know

Years ago, in a small town in Rome, Edoardo and Adele Fendi decided to start a leather and fur shop. No one imagined that one day in the future, what started like a small business would outgrow itself and transform into a leading fashion brand. Thus, Fendi was born in 1918 and it's still growing. The owners' daughters have played a vital role in managing the brand's high profile.

Today, Fendi is a major luxury trademark owned by LVMH, acronym for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, a big name in the luxury goods industry. The whole campaign is based in Italy, the very same place renowned for its amazing art, breathtaking landscapes and of course, wine! Fendi makes stylish and enviable designer items ranging from shoes and bags to perfumes and sunglasses.

In 1965, Karl Lagerfeld joined the Fendi Empire and later came to be an important asset to the company. His creativity gave birth to the famous double F Fendi logo. Karl also came up with the idea of the fur collection. Since then, Fendi has continued to amaze the world with its magnificent hair experiments. The fur collections served as blind raisers for men's and women's group.

Much later, in 1994, Silva Fendi took the purse industry by surprise when she introduced the baguettes. They were a major hit and in a way revolutionized the industry. Then came in the stylish Fendi eyewear which offered a wide range of Fendi sunglasses that kept things spiced up.

Fendi eyewear collection and sunglasses are distributed by Marchon, a popular American eyewear company. Their collection has different kinds of sunglasses. The guys at Fendi are smart enough to put everything out there for the men with varying tastes. In men's sunglasses, Logo and Selleria are among the current styles. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose either of them. The former gives a youthful feel while the latter will accord you a formal look.

In the world of fashion, it is only fair if the balance is tipped to the women's team. It is obvious that Fendi sunglasses conform to the same structuring. When it is women shades, especially Fendi sunglasses, there are plenty of options to look forward. While the topic is on sunglasses, it is important to note that if you are a woman and need the feminine effect and style in your prescription glasses, this is the brand to choose. Every piece in the Fendi sunglasses collection oozes of style and fashion. For women, there are more colors than you could wear. The sunglasses also come in different hot designs, shapes and styles.

Fendi sunglasses are off the hook. They are way cooler and stylish when compared to your typical daily shades. Apart from the fact that Fendi sunglasses feature unique styling, they are making from high-grade materials that enhance glamour. The rhinestones used on the arms take the glamour factor not one but some rungs up the ladder. Thanks to the creativity employed by the designers, every consumer is bound to get something in line with his or her taste. The detailed designing and the wide variety of colors see to it that even your wildest tastes are met.

Fendi understands the importance of staying on top of things. They understand that what rocked in January will not just cut it for customers in March. For this reason, they keep upgrading their sunglasses to ensure the shades match the current season's trends.

In their efforts to keep the customer happy, eight categories have been born. They are Gemstone, Urban, Peek-a-boo, Design, Chief, Ethnic, Logo and Tulip. Most Fendi sunglasses are a member of the Gemstone family. Urban is just a larger version of Gemstone. Design and Peek-a-boo have proper frames; the only difference being that Peek-a-boo is more formal while Design is oversize and funkier. Tulip will suit the female Fendi fans who love their affair rimless. Logo wears false colors that will perfectly fit into summer holidays. When you twist and get Gemstone a step further, you do Ethnic while the Chief is the name given to signature Fendi sunglasses.

Fendi sunglasses will cut it for every fashion conscious person. You can purchase genuine Fendi sunglasses from the retailers and the major websites such as eBay and Amazon.