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Nike Lunar Trainer Review - Is This the Shoe For Me?

For people who love to run, it is very important that they have the right running shoe. There are a wide variety of athletic shoes on the market and they all offer something different. Companies each year try to come up with a design that will make running more comfortable. One of the most innovative shoes to come out in the past year are the Nike Lunar Trainer. This article will give a brief review of these extremely popular shoes. It will look at the technology used to create them and explain why they are such an excellent running sneaker.

The Nike Lunartrainer+ is one of the most popular sneakers that are available right now. Its popularity is largely due to the fact that these shoes are extremely comfortable when running. Aside from comfort, Nike has created one of the lightest shoes ever made. Most people often describe the sneaker as running with nothing on. Nike was able to develop this product on a wide range of new technology. All of these technologies play a vital role in ensuring that the most comfortable, most innovative and lightest shoe is available. Nike made use of Flywire, Lunarlite and Nike+ in the development of the shoe.

Flywire - Flywire is the backbone of the Nike Lunartrainer+. This technology is used to give lightweight support to the shoe, as well as enhancing its comfort. The strength of the Flywire is derived from Nylon fibers. These fibers are located in different areas of the shoe that need support. This is done as a way to make sure that the foot is held securely in place while running. Flywire can only be found in the shoe where it is needed. This results in the overall weight of the shoe being reduced.

Lunar Lite - LunarLite foam can be found in all Nike Lunar Trainers. 30% lighter than Phylon, the foam used in these particular sneakers can be found at the bottom of the shoe. In using this type of form, it generally means that the shoe will have great cushioning and support as well as it is extremely light. LunarLite was developed by Nike as a way to reduce the amount of pressure that the foot feels when running. It works by taking the force that is created when walking or running and distributing it evenly across the foam in the shoe. This means that running will be a more comfortable and less painful experience.

Nike+ - Nike+ is a product that was developed for people who enjoy running, listening to music and want to have an idea of how much work they have done. This device is able to accomplish this as a very special sensor is placed into the heel of the Nike Lunar Trainer. Once individual starts to run, a wireless signal is sent from the device to an iPod or Nike+ SportBand. This sensor provides a whole range of information such as the amount of calories burned, the distance run, and individual space and the amount of time they have been running for. This information is also audible on the device.

The Nike Lunar Trainer+ is a really innovative shoe. It is not only comfortable, but it is also one of the light as running shoes that are available. This is mainly due to the different technology that can be found in the sneaker, such as Flexwire, LunarLite foam and Nike+. If you want a lightweight shoe that is extremely comfortable, then you should definitely consider the Nike Lunar Trainer.