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Panerai Pre-Vendome Models

The Panerai Pre-Vendome models stand in a category all its own with designs like the Luminor, Luminor Marina and the Mare Nostrum chronograph.

The Panerai Pre-Vendome models had certain characteristics that made it stand out and of course so desired by the collectors. The Luminor consisted of hand-wind watches with the classic 44mm Luminor case made in steel or PVD steel. On the other hand the Mare Nostrum chronographs came in 42 mm. With the exception of the Mare Nostrum, whose buckles were smaller than full-sized ones, all the Pre-Vendome models came on straps with the large "bottle opener" or "fancy" buckle. Another clear distinction in most of the Pre-Vendome watches was the oak box; although the Slytechs came in a very large box with all manner of gadgets such as the miniature submarine model. The Slytechs were named after Sylvester "Sly" Stallone and have his signature engraved on the back and he has worn them in various movies.

The Pre-Vendome models were each unique, the following are the detailed description of some of these limited edition watches that have come to be so sought out in the market by collectors all over the world. 

A distinctive Pre-Vendome model is the "Logo" Luminor, named because of its characteristic "OP" Logo on the dial has a 44mm stainless steel case, with a black dial displaying only hours and minutes. Its closest contemporary relative is a Luminor Base. A total of 10 prototypes were produced and a total of 889 regular watches were made. Some of these Panerai Pre-Vendome watches were reworked into Slytech Submersibles 5218-201/A and 5218-205/A and Slytech Daylights 5218-207/A.

The 1995 Slytech Submersible is not to be confused with a contemporary Submersible, the first Slytech model was a basic Luminor Marina design, with a polished stainless steel case, black dial, small seconds at 9 and a UT 6497 movement. This Panerai Pre-Vendome model produced 57 normal watches, for a total of 95 watches were made, although 38 of them were given to Vendome, and these were to be sold through them and not Officine Panerai.

The 1996 Black Seal is the rarest of the Panerai Pre-Vendome models. Only 5 pieces were ever produced and their whereabouts are unknown. This watch is a fairly regular 44mm PVD Luminor case, with a black dial and small seconds. The movement was the regular UT 6497.

From the Panerai Pre-Vendome models the 1993 Mare Nostrum has various editions, but in essence remains a masterful revival of an officer´s deck chronograph which never made it to production. This unique Panerai Pre-Vendome time piece is a  42mm watch, with a two register chronograph. The case is stainless steel; it has a blue dial, and a tachymeter dial. The dial reads "km/h" at 1 o'clock; later editions read "tachymeter". The movement is an ETA 2801-2 with Dubois-Depraz 3127 chrono module.

The rebirth of Officine Panerai, more specifically the Pre-Vendome models, certainly brought with it a distinct sense of prestige, allowing its time pieces to fall into a rare category of limited editions and true collector's items.