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Skiing In The Movies - Five Great Movie Scenes To Remember

The uniquely photogenic quality of skiing translates well onto the silver screen. Maybe it's the stunning, simply awe inspiring backdrop , or possibly the amazing contrast of the fierce mountain ranges against a wash of powder blue sky. Whatever the case, skiing has featured in numerous film scenes for a long time . Here's our pick of just a few of them.

It goes without saying that you could create a whole list purely for the number of times tha skiing has heavily featured in a James Bond film , but that would be to ignore some of the wilder, wackier and spectacularly inept examples served up on the small screen. Goggles on? Then let's get started...

Walt Disney got in on the genre as early as 1941. While Japan was preparing to bomb Pearl Harbour, good old Walt and the gang produced 'Goofy's Art of Skiing', in which the hapless dog gets catapulted into a host of unfeasible adventures that would make even the most frost bitten curmudgeon chuckle into his hot chocolate.

Ski Party was a 1965 alpine alternative to the classic 'Some like it Hot'. It starred the then famous Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman as a pair of cross dressing guys, sashaying around the slopes in a series of fetching frocks. The wonder here is that the idea has yet to catch on with gangs of men on stag nights. Maybe this piece will change all that.

For something with a bit more of an icy bite to it, 2001's Out Cold starred Lee Majors, of Six Million Dollar Man fame, in an uncharacteristic sleaze ball role, as he attempts to take over the Bull Mountain ski resort for redevelopment. The opposition comes in the form of Jason London and Zack Galifriankis and, for fans of snow boarding, there are real life appearances from such superstars of the sport as Tara Dakides and Todd Richards. It's still a bit daft around the edges, but fun enough for all that.

Well at some point we had to come back to James Bond - and let's face it nobody does it better than Roger Moore, and I personally think the stunning ski scenes on The Spy who Loved Me take the somewhat chilly biscuit in terms of action on the slopes.

If gross out is your thing, 2005's Frost Bite stars Peter Jason and Traci Lords, and is effectively an Animal House/American Pie crossover that translates easily enough to the piste .

You can agree or disagree but hey, that's all part of the fun. Enjoy.