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Toning Shoes - Which Will Win?

The Kelly Broke advertising campaign for EasyTone has caused the toning shoe to become one of this year's hot topics. In 2007 Fitflop introduced their toning shoe, this caused many other big name players to enter the market. With so many toning shoes on the market it's hard to decide which one is best. This article aims to decide which toning shoe will come out on top by looking at EasyTone, FitFlop and Skechers shoes.

FitFlop Special 'microwobble board' technology placed within the sole of the shoe helps to create instabilities for the wearer whilst walking. Even though these instabilities are difficult to detect whilst walking they cause an increase in muscle activity which, in turn, improves muscle tone.

Advantages Muscle shape and tone improved Common foot problems eased by this shoe. Large selection of different styles, including sneaker, boot and the original FitFlop.

Disadvantages The sole can look quite chunky/ugly due to the technology contained within. As yet, there is no running shoe in the range. Expensive price tags attached to the most recent styles.

Reebok EasyTone Using similar technology to Fitflops. Reebok have placed instability pods in the soles of their trainers. These pods tone bottom and leg muscles through increasing muscle activity.

Advantages Appearance is still a running shoe rather than a toning shoe. Extensive range of styles and colours, all sporting the Reebok logo. Lower body muscle activity increased by up to 28%

Disadvantages No recorded impact upon posture Reebok have yet to release a version suitable for the office Doesn't tackle any foot problems, focuses on toning.

Skechers Shape Ups Skechers Shape Ups use a rounded sole to encourage natural rolling of the foot. This encouragement improves muscle tone and can have an effect upon posture.

Advantages Entire lower body receives toning benefits Claims to reduce stress on the lower back Large quantities of studies supporting the 'natural rolling' claim

Disadvantages Very unattractive design Shape ups are confined to walking shoes and not other sport exercises


Each brand claims to have developed a technology perfect for toning, and from that respect, there is no clear winner. Aside from that looking at the shoes in terms of style, FitFlop is the superlative choice. It comes in a large range of styles which are suitable for many occasions. But, for those of you who aren't bothered about the appearance of your toning shoe, I would suggest the Reebok EasyTone. This shoe will allow you to get extra muscle activity whilst participating in a variety of sporting activities.