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Top 5 Tips to Care For Your Authentic Designer Handbags

An unofficial survey found out that chief amongst most women's prized possessions was a designer handbag. When you come to think of it, this is hardly surprising as authentic designer bags can be quite expensive and do symbolize a certain degree of class and style. Special attention and time is made by the discerning fashionista to ensure her designer purse of choice matches that beautiful dress she bought for that special event and also goes with her glamorous shoes.

Some ladies might not admit it in public but they would readily admit to you in private that they love it when they walk into a room and cause heads to turn in their direction plus have friends complement them on their new Prada designer purse.

Still the old saying that goes where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable rings so true when you consider the way some women treat their designer purses. An authentic Gucci or Fendi bag should last for a long time but with the wrong habits and a lack of continuous care, you might soon discover that that bag that brought you so much fame and attention is now a source of shame and embarrassment.

Well, there is hope. By observing some simple rules and observing the tips below, you can have a designer handbag you will treasure for many moons to come.

Top 5 Designer Handbag Care Tips

1. Do Not Over-stuff Your Bag

This is a crime most ladies are guilty of committing on a daily basis. I mean its quite tempting when you have a Gucci Pelham purse measuring 16 inches by 5.5 inches by 12 inches to stuff it with all your girlie items. However doing this puts stress on the handles of your bag and over time this can cause the handles to tear at the edges.

2. Put Your Bag in a Dust Bag

You might have several bags you only carry every now and again. Instead of leaving your bag lying around your room where it can be trampled on and collect dust, place it in the dust bag that came when you ordered it. Also remember to stuff it with paper as this will help it retain its original shape.

3. Fix it ASAP

When you find a stain, smudge or loose screw on your bag, fix it immediately. This will ensure you are not disappointed on the day when you are going out and discover at the last minute that your bag has a stain that will take another 30 minutes to fix. Remember a stitch in time saves nine.

4. Do not over-use Your Bag Some ladies love their designer bags so much that they carry the same Fendi Spy bag on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and on every other day of the week. They carry the same bag to work as well as to the club and also to the beach! Even authentic designer handbags are subject to wear and tear and using your bag so often will ensure you do not have it for very long.

5. Keep Your Bag away from Sunlight

Leaving your designer handbags by a window or exposed to direct sunlight will cause it to fade dramatically. This might seem like a small matter but many women wonder why their bag fades so quickly and this can sometimes be traced to excessive exposure to sunlight.

So there you have it. 5 tips I know that will help you preserve the life of your authentic designer handbag for a very long time. I would like to introduce you to a world of discounted authentic designer handbags from Gucci, Prada, Fendi, JP Tods and other designers that will make a fabulous addition to your designer collection plus an unforgettable gift to a loved one.